Waldorf Wednesday #22

Happy Waldorf Wednesday!

Today begins a very important time in our family—Lent. We slow things down. Stick close to home. Simplify. We look inward and give some things up, take some things on. It’s kind of intense, but welcome.

So, you’ll forgive me if I’m not too verbose today. It’s a thinking time.

Oh, I will share this though. See this?


That, my friends, is Stephen Sondheim. And so is this.

I wasn’t too stalkerish, honestly. But the lecture was absolutely amazing. I can’t begin to tell you how much I enjoyed it. And Katie Grace had her question chosen for Sondheim to answer! She wanted to know what his musical he wishes he had written. (Answer: Carnival)

It was an awesome trip. Just me and my two bigs, Michael and Katie Grace. We had so much fun. We talked and listened to The Hunger Games on audiobook and ate way too much junk food. We got to stay with friends and eat with other friends and visit a third set of friends. What a blessing! Of course, for Michael, this was the highlight of the trip:


His full size cello!

So, enough gushing. Back to quiet thoughts.


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Are you doing anything special to mark Ash Wednesday? Do you keep Lent?

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    It you take apeek inside my Playschool link, you will see a familiar verse! Thanks for hosting.

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    I’m sorry that the links show up as comments… I’m not sure how to turn that off. It looks like your trip was a success! Glad you are home safely and thanks for the linkup.

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