Waldorf Wednesday #23 … on a Thursday

Before sickness struck…

We have a bad case of the sickies here.

The twins went down first, although they handled it like little champs. OK, Molly was super whiny and Matthew discovered the joy of eating his own boogers. But basically, by the grace of God and some yummy homemade elderberry syrup, they were OK.

Next was Daniel. Poor sweet little guy with his raspy voice. Every now and again it would cut out altogether and he’d squeak in barely a whisper “My voice is hiding!”

Nicholas was the next man down. He takes pretty much everything as a challenge though. To him a cold is just a chance to do odd things with handkerchiefs.

Katie and Michael both had it, but it didn’t manifest as much more than a cough and a slight case of the grumps.

But today, the Dreaded Cold brought the house to its knees.

Because it hit ME.


I soldiered through the morning, feeling progressively worse. Around noon I gave up altogether. I pulled out the sofa bed, snuggled up under blankets, and ordered pizza for the kids. With the last bit of voice I had, I read a couple chapters of The Gollywhopper Games before I gave up completely, found The Lorax on Netflix, and cuddled up with the twins and took a nap.

All I can say is thank goodness tomorrow is my husband’s day off.

I’m behind on blogging because this process of getting sick has lasted over a week, but I have a lot to share. Hopefully I’ll be up to it soon.

I hope this finds you all in good health, and that you don’t mind too much if Waldorf Wednesday slides over into Thursday a bit.


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What do you do when you have a case of the ickies? Are you staying healthy this winter?

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    Oh my goodness, sounds like a rough week! I can’t believe you had the energy to get your linky up and running at all. I hope you feel better soon. Be sick with little ones is hard, especially given the lack of sick leave we moms get!

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    So sorry Annette! Hope you all are better soon!

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    Hope you all are feeling well soon. Sending blessings of good health & wellness:)

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    I woke up with a sore throat this morning too ;( I have a new slogan for you- “Waldorf Wednesdays: the best thing to happen to Wednesday since millet.”

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    I think I gave you my cold each time I came to see Waldorf Wednesday yesterday — so, I deposited my germs on you about 1 million times (: I’m with Becca. I hope you all feel better now.

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