Waldorf Wednesday #24

Oh dear! My poor little laptop did not miraculously repair. Right now it’s on its way to a lovely computer spa in Texas. Or at least that’s what I tell myself.

So, in lieu of actual pictures that have anything to do with this post, I will share random photos of my children.

Just the three youngest, because more would be too much sweetness to bear.

Meanwhile, here I am on my husband’s itty bitty Inspiron Duo. It’s this or our desktop that’s about as old as Nicholas (hint: 9). And no way to share pictures! So A Month of Tuesdays will probably be extending into March.

It’s a shame, too, because we have had some fun adventures this week. We started doing history together again. Katie Grace is moving into the Dark Ages in Oak Meadow and I thought the boys might like to come along for the ride. We’ve been reading Story of the World and loving it. We put on turbans and rode a magic carpet over the Roman Empire, built a pretend fire of blocks and play silks and heard the tale of Beowulf, and made ourselves blue like the Picts.

We survived Daddy going on retreat and Daniel auditioned to play Trouble in Madama Butterfly. He got the part, too! Thankfully they double cast it AND have two back-up kids as well. But he’s very excited.

And tomorrow Michael will be officially signed up for the cyber charter school…. assuming we can find his birth certificate. So much happening!

And meanwhile, winter rages on. It keeps snowing. Every time I think there couldn’t possibly be more snow, it falls. I’m about ready to have our next circle time be all about a sad mama who bludgeons Jack Frost with his own icicle. TOTALLY KIDDING.


But seriously, there are little whispers of spring here and there and I’m feeling hopeful. Hopeful enough to change out King Winter for Mother Earth and the Root Children on the nature table at least.

How about you? Are you getting ready for spring?


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    Good luck with your laptop, I do hope it enjoys its trip to the spa in Texas! Strangely, Texas is not well known for its spas, but I’m sure it’s wonderful. Thanks for continuing to host the link up even when you were without your own computer!

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    love the image of you impaling Jack Frost.

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    Hi there,
    I just found your blog – am a homeschooling mama and love incorporating waldorf ideas into our home. Looking forward to visiting here more often. Thanks!

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