Waldorf Wednesday #26

It has been a rather unorthodox week here.

And before I go any further, can I just say how I long to begin one of these posts with “It’s been a perfectly normal boring week here.” That would be lovely. But for now…

It has been a rather unorthodox week here.

A week filled with dress rehearsals and costumes and extremely late bedtimes. There’s been far too much junk food and everybody is going out of their way to make things happen for Daniel—no easy feat for a pastor’s family during Lent and coming up on Holy Week!

But it’s been so worth it because we’ve finally come to this!

M Butterfly collage

And it’s been amazing. Although I do drop a quarter in the therapy jar every time he’s given stage direction like “Don’t look at the knife! Pretend it’s not there.”

The opera opens Friday, but Daniel’s first show will be Tuesday. So if you can spare one more little prayer for him, we would appreciate it.

And maybe next week will be a perfectly normal boring week here.


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Have you had a perfectly lovely normal boring week?

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    Hi Annette, hope you had a lovely equinox yesterday, I’ve posted about what we go up to.

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