Waldorf Wednesday #31

Happy, happy Waldorf Wednesday!

I would like to do my normal chat-a-little spiel a bit differently today and make an announcement. I am going to be hosting a Spring Faire right here on Seasons of Joy! I know the Waldorf schools typically have theirs around May Day, but because I was slow on the uptake (and a little afraid to make the leap) our will be the week of May 20th. My heart’s desire is that this is truly a community celebration and I want you all to be a part of it. If you’re interested at all, here’s what you can do.

Spring Faire Final

  • Share this post! Shout it from the mountaintops. In order to make this truly fabulous, we need lots of friends and families to participate.
  • Offer to guest blog. We could use recipes for our “bake sale,” crafts and activities for our “children’s room,” tutorials for the “handwork corner", or anything else you can think of!
  • Sponsor a giveaway. If you create or sell something, we’d love to share it here! Just let me know what you would like to give away. My plan is to use the Rafflecoptor system, so you can also work in requirements such as likes for your Facebook or Twitter pages, subscriptions to your blog, etc. Please know that if you choose to sponsor a giveaway, shipping will be your responsibility, so you may want to put limits on who can enter (only within the US, etc.)
  • Share any other ideas you might have. I would like to create some community pages here with links to favorite stores, curricula, and Waldorf-related services.

Giveaways, reviews, blog posts, etc can be Waldorf-specific or Waldorf-inspired. Some related topics might include natural family living, attachment parenting, homeschooling, whole foods, or anything along those lines.

I’m counting on you mamas. I’m excited and scared to do this. It’s my “hard thing” for the day. I’ve been thinking and praying about where I see Seasons of Joy going, and I’d really like to see it become more and more of a community landing pad. I want to be your cheerleader to help you out on the tough days, your friend who rejoices with you through the victories, and most of all I want this space to be a place where we can all support and uplift one another.

If you’d like to support the Seasons of Joy Spring Faire in any way—even just to drop me a note of encouragement—please email me at frontzfamily (at) gmail (dot) com or message me on Facebook.

I look forward to hearing from you!


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    This sounds exciting! Let me finish organising the physical May Faire (EcoFair) at our Waldorf school and then get back to you!

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    I have nothing to offer but prayers and encouragement! Sounds like a great idea, especially for those of us not near a school. I look forward to “attending”. Thanks for sharing!

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    Your Spring Faire is a great idea and sounds excitiing! I’d love to participate…Let me give it some thought. Thank you for hosting. Aloha, Lori

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    Oh Fun! I would like to get involved. I would be happy to contribute to a give away. We make ribbon runners and playsilks, so either one. I would be happy to a blog post too! Oh please let me know how I can help/take part!

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    Oh I love your Spring Faire idea!! (even though we are enjoying Autumn here in Australia 🙂 I would love to join in, I would be happy to host a giveaway… or write a guest post?

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    Hello! This sounds pretty exciting! I am trying to figure out how to use the Linky tool, so I can’t officially join until the tech guy (my husband) comes home tonight.

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