Waldorf Wednesday Link-Up #5

It’s Waldorf Wednesday!

Source: Steiner School Memes on Facebook

Thank you all so much for your kind words and good wishes on my wonderful news about my heart last week! I can honestly say that every morning since, I have woken up with a huge smile on my face, remembering that my heart is recovered. Bodies certainly are fearfully and wonderfully made!

As usual, it’s been a bit of a crazy week around here. I (finally) updated my blog last Thursday and promptly lost my header, which was easily remedied. Unfortunately I also lost my ability to post using the visual editor in WordPress, which was NOT easily fixed. Or fixed at all apparently. So now I am using Windows LiveWriter, and I’m actually kind of enjoying it.

I’m also enjoying writing the Slaying the Dragon series leading up to Michaelmas. Michaelmas is kind of a big deal around here. It’s a glorious celebration in and of itself, but it’s also my Michael’s nameday and my Nicholas’s 9th birthday!

So… here we go with Waldorf Wednesday!

Last week we had 25 entries, which is just amazing to me! As we get more entries, I would like to feature a few posts each week, and you can help. Under each entry is a “like” button. If a particular post captures your imagination or your heart, please click the like button!

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Come share what Waldorf looks like in your home! Do you have autumn plans? Will you be having a Michaelmas celebration? How is the homeschooling going?

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