Weekend Round-Up (only one day late!)

My keyboard keeps randomly cutting out the middle group of letters. Sigh. Ah well. While it’s working, here are some posts that caught me eye this past week.

Some things to try…
A recycled book garland from Mini-eco
A simple spring garden project from The Magnifying Glass
Spring flower lanterns from We Bloom Here
Alphabet Sensory Bin from The Adventures of Bear
Warm and Cool Watercolor Weaving from Art Projects for Kid
Make a Family Playlist from Life As Mom

Some food for thought…
The Foundations of Social Interactions from Joyful Toddlers
Spring Circle Time Verses from The Mystical Kingdom

Some things to drink…
Homemade Meyer lemonade from Sunrise Learning Lab
Mint Jasmine Iced Green Tea from LaaLoosh

And some things to eat…
Pan-seared tenderloin from Weelicious
How to Make the Perfect Bread Dough from Mama Moontime

What caught your eye this week?

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    Thanks for introducing me to Weelicious. I am always on the lookout for good sites that help my children eat better. You wouldn’t know of any that focus on vegetarian items for kids would you? DH and I have been reducing our meat consumption (both in our Lenten meals) and as part of the Catholic Coalition for Climate Change (http://catholicclimatecovenant.org/)efforts to help the environment.

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