Weekend Round-Up

Weekend Round-Up!

This week brought some frugal ideas and lots of fun stuff to try with the kiddos!

I love GardenMama‘s tutorial for making watercolor lanterns. As we move closer to Candlemas, I can definitely see us making these.

Nicholas fingerknit his first bookmark this week. I’m sure we all can find ideas for marking our place in our favorite stories with these 32 bookmark links from Tipnut.

Get Rich Slowly has a great post on planning a (debt-free) vacation. Since one of our goals is to take the family to Disneyland once we’ve paid down our consumer debt, I’ll definitely be studying this on!

Via The Crafty Crow (and it’s so nice to see Cassi back online again!), we have these wonderful counting bean bags from Chez Beeper Bebe. Great for those early math concepts and circle times!

These mac, cheese, and chicken bites from Weelicious look absolutely delectable, and I can’t wait to try them out. I’d like to try this 3-point Greek-style casserole from LaaLoosh as well.

I love these beeswax acorns from The Magic Onions. Unfortunately, Nicholas liberated all of our acorn caps because he felt they rightfully belonged to the squirrels, but this is definitely a project to tuck away for next year.

We’ve made little Zen garden’s before, but this post from Ordinary Life Magic reminded me to get ours out again.

Looking for a frugal blog that posts deals and steals near you? Then you have to check out Bargain Briana’s Frugal Map— genius!

Wishing you a wonderfully creative week!

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  1. Thanks for sharing all that goodness. My son brings such beautiful wet on wet paintings from school but we haven't tried it at home yet. I think we will try those lanterns from Gardenmama. What is candlemass? I love those mac and cheese bites I will definitely give those a shot.

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Weekend Round-Up

Weekend Round-Up!

It’s that time of the week again!

First off, I’ve added some lovely new blogs to my Reader. Gingerbread Snowflakes has some lovely handmade holiday ideas. I especially liked these star photo ornaments, and I think we’re going to make some.

I also added Adventures in Living and Learning. It’s always nice to read another Waldorf-inspired homeschooling blog for encouragement and ideas!

Finally, I added Light and Momentary, an always inspiring and often hilarious mama blog .

Onwards and upwards.

Besides the aforementioned wheat star photo ornament, I also found these lovely felt trees at Wee Folk Art. Wouldn’t they be perfect on a winter forest nature table? She also posted this sweet little tea wallet of a birdie on a branch— what a lovely little Christmas gift this would be!

I bought an acorn squash specifically so I could try this roast acorn squash recipe from Weelicious.

I’ve found inspiration of another kind online this week as well. So many good ideas, so many kind and thoughtful words and comments. I’ve truly been blessed by my internet friends and community. May you have a blessed week as well!

Weekend Round-Up

Weekend Round-Up

Well, yee haw! We haven’t done one of these in a while…

We’re trying to get back into some sort of rhythm here, and I’ve found some great blog entries to help us do just that.

We’re back at co-op, and this year it’s been extended to a full day session. Over at I Have to Say, I found a great tutorial for making reusable snack bags. These would be great for our lunches!

Speaking of lunch, I can’t wait to try Weelicious‘s Cheesy Pizza Dough Twists. Their mashed potato cake recipe looks pretty yummy too. For breakfast, we might try Econobuster‘s Baked Apple Pie Oatmeal.

As far as homeschooling goes, we’ve been enjoying reading Where the Wild Things Are lately. Nicholas and I even went on a date to see the movie! The Crafty Crow has a great round-up of story-related crafts, and I’m sure Nicholas will enjoy seeing some of these great Where the Wild Things Are activities show up in his workboxes this week. I’m betting he’ll enjoy the felt jack o’ lantern game from Chasing Cheerios as well.

The older children might enjoy this fall pastel landscape from Art Projects for Kids or maybe this watercolor fall tree— I’m sure I can adapt this to use with a wet-on-wet watercolor painting.

Have a great week!

Weekend Round-Up

Weekend Round-Up

Yeehaw! It’s been a while since I’ve posted one of these.

We had our official last day of school on Friday. We still have some stuff to get done, but I’d like to find some fun stuff to do as well while we wrap things up. Here are some ideas I’ve found in the blogosphere.

My Montessori Journey has a Draw a Chick activity that my daughter would probably enjoy. My preschooler might be able to do it as well.

Whip up shared these beautiful spring dragonflies that would be a perfect handwork project.

And if we run out of ideas, here are 26 more projects to choose from from Tip Nut.

Weekend Round-Up

Weekend Round-Up!

Yee haw! Here are some things that caught my eye in the Blogosphere this past week.

First, some fun lessons for this beautiful spring week:
A Journey Through Waldorf Homeschooling has a lovely St. Patrick’s Day/rainbow lesson outlined here.
Or you can hop on over to Our Little Nature Nest for a Rabbit and the Sky main lesson.
Art Projects for Kids had two fun ideas this week: A Starry Night group mural and a Landscape Collage.
I’m so intrigued by the Peace Box over at Montessori Mama.
And finally, No Time for Flash Cards has some great ideas to use with a homemade balance beam.

There was some yumminess floating around the internet as well:
Weelicious has chicken on a stick. Because you know, everything tastes better on a stick.
I’m really wanting to try this broiled herb butter chicken from Carrie’s Cooking.
And of course, tomorrow we’ll be making Weight Watchers Corned Beef and Cabbage from Laaloosh.

And finally, some things that just look fun to try:
An herb spiral from tipnut
Spring cleaning my sewing machine, compliments of Whip Up.

Have a wonderful week!

Weekend Round-Up

Weekend Round-Up!

Did I mention I got a laptop? *pauses to do the happy dance*

All my graphics, logos, clip art, etc, is still on my old desktop.

Ah well, we’ll muddle through.

Here are just a few things I saw in the blogosphere this week that I’d like to check out and try for myself.

Mommy Making Money has some good news– free breakfast at Denny’s this Tuesday!

Tipnut has some great advice on how to freeze bread dough.

Safely Gathered In has some great advice for using your stockpile– homemade pizza!

I’d really like to try this smashed chickpea salad from Smitten Kitten.

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Weekend Round-Up

Weekend Round-Up!

Wow. It’s a weekend, and I’m posting the weekend round-up. Unheard of!

In honor of Pioneer Week, I’m sharing some pioneer posts that caught me eye.

What is pioneer week, you ask? You can read about it right here at Crunchy Chicken. And while you’re there, be sure to check out her easy ricotta making lesson.

The pioneer’s didn’t have those fancy schmancy electric appliances, but they did have the sun. Check out this solar dehydrator over at Simply Thrifty.

If you’re longing for something elegant but simple to add to your sweets, you can make your own vanilla sugar, courtesy of Happy Hearts at Home.

Part of pioneer living is eating simply and seasonally. Stephany over at Naturally Simple has some great recipes for using up those green tomatoes still clinging to the vine. I’d love to try this maple-glazed barbecue chicken recipe from Carrie’s Cooking as well, maybe with some of smitten kitchen’s Peanut Butter Crispy Bars for desert. And if that is all too fancy for pioneer week, there’s always beans, beans, beans from Large Family Logistics.

Tipnut can help you not only clean your house on the cheap, but also without all the nasty chemicals– just like our foremothers used to do!

Growing in Grace has some great ideas for decorating your home for the season.

And if you’re sitting by the fire, feeling all domestic and itching for some handwork, Sew Mama Sew has sone beautiful suggestions here and here.

Happy Pioneer Week!

Weekend Round-Up

Weekend Round-Up!

Ugh. I’m sick, I think I have a fever, and I know I have a migraine.

*cue pity party*

So this will be brief. I just didn’t want to skip it altogether like I did last week.

Perfectionism is Bad for You from Daily Blog Tips

A More Organized Kitchen, A Healthier You from The Organized Life
Oaty Chocolate Chunk Cookies from Carrie’s Cooking

Sorry, You Can’t Have Any from Cake Wrecks

How Do I Spread Myself Around? from A Journey Through Waldorf Homeschooling

A Swing for Petey and A Ribbon Ring from A Miracle to Me

Green Papal-ness (or is it Papal Green-ness?)
Pope Urges Simpler, More Frugal, Greener Lifestyles from Happy Hearts at Home

That’s all I’ve got. Dang, I’m sick.

ETA: I’m so sick I didn’t even post this last night. I fell asleep at the computer. So, here it is!

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  1. Many, many, many “get wells” to you!

    I am wallowing in my own sick-with-a-bad-cold pity party too.

    The girls just LOVE to share their germs. So fun.

    Again, feel better soon. 🙂

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Weekend Round-Up

Weekend Round-Up!

It’s been kind of a crazy week here. I’ve discovered single-tasking and have been working through my new to-do list system. School is in full swing, and we had our first week of co-op. The blogosphere has been hopping as well! Here are some of my favorites from this week.

1. Montessori Mama shared her Peace Corner. I think this is such a fabulous idea. I’m looking for a little nook or cranny where I can add a peace corner to my home, and thinking of ways to make it applicable for a wide age range. Heck, I’d like a peace corner of my very own!

2. Over at Get Rich Slowly you can learn quick and easy (and cheap!) car maintenance.

3. My girly girl is going to love these easy headbands from maya*made. I’m going to make her one to go with the jumper I’m sewing!

4. I am utterly in awe of cook. eat. think.’s preserving the harvest list. It’s seriously inspiring. And reminds me that I have another bushel of tomatoes to sauce. And while you’re in a preserving mood, check out TipNut‘s 20 Freezing Quick Tips.

5. There was a festive atmosphere around the internet as well. Frugal Village posted about no-stress party planning and Gruppie Girl had a great entry on greener parties. Along the same lines, Like Merchant Ships wrote about near-disposable serving pieces. Seeing how I just realized I need to plan a little birthday party for Nicholas this month, these should come in handy.

6. It doesn’t seem possible, but Christmas is coming! I love this cookie sheet advent calendar over at Organized Christmas.

7. Over at the Frugal Blog is some food for thought: Don’t Become Frugal Obsessed.

8. Check out Sprittibee’s blog for a discussion on “How Do You Structur-ize Your Day.” It’s a topic most homeschoolers I know have struggled with. We’re still working on getting our groove back.

9. Chasing Cheerios was on a roll this week! She made number rods and a rocks and frogs memory game and a sticker book and much, much more. Check it out!

10. Finally, JustJENN has a great potato bar meal idea. I’m thinking this would be a great meal on those nights we’re running in 15 different directions!

Have a great week!

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Weekend Round-Up

Weekend Round-Up!

Weekend Round-Up!

Here are my top ten favorite links from the Blogosphere this week, posted in no particular order.

1. This was actually from last week, but I can’t wait to try Baked Potato Soup from Carrie’s Cooking.

2. Check out this sweet little baby-face portrait from Lucykate Crafts. I may have to make a series of these to go with our nursery rhyme theme this year!

3. Simply Thrifty gives hints and tips for Don’t-Waste-It Smoothies. My kids love smoothies, and I’m always looking for ideas for using up the odds and ends.

4. Once again Bohemian Revolution has tons of ideas I want to try. Homemade printed curtains would be great in the kids’ rooms. Here are directions for making your own worm bin. And beer-battered fish and chips— yum!

5. Homemade shampoo recipes from Passionate Homemaking are another thing I’ve been wanting to try.

6. We’re back to school, and Little Blue School’s election unit studies have caught my eye. Michael is very interested in this presidential election, and I’d like to follow that interest.

7. Just for fun, Cake Wrecks has some hilariously scary new cakes this week.

8. Jennifer over at Tree Hugging Family linked to a great eco education resource, Kids for Saving the Earth.

9. If you’re tired of reading the same book to your little ones for the billionth time, check out this quote about read-alouds over at Stretch Mark Mama.

10. And, last but not least, The Rowdy Pea has art, music, science, and fun all mixed together in one with Rainbow Jars. It’s magical!

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