Seasons of Joy

Looking for a way to bring peace and joy to your day? Seasons of Joy is my 10-week seasonal guidebook to add rhythm and fun to your daily routine. Each guidebook has ten weeks' worth of circle times, stories, arts, crafts, and handwork, painting, playtime activities and more!
Seasons of Joy seeks to empower families to create peaceful rhythms and routines and joyful celebrations that follow the circle of the year. The blog also chronicles our adventures in living simply, loving exuberantly, and Waldorf inspired homeschooling.


Another update


It seems I’m all about update and not about content lately. But I’m hoping that will be changing soon, as I miss writing. Obviously, this is no longer a homemaking/homeschooling/Waldorf blog, since the children are going to school, I’m working full-time at a Reggio-Emilia inspired early childhood center, and I’m getting a divorce. Some things you might see include

  • music and early childhood
  • music in general
  • early childhood in general
  • comparing and contrasting various schools of thought on child development and early childhood education
  • single motherhood

Tickle Rhymes for Little Ones

Hello! It’s been a while, hasn’t it?

There have been a lot of changes around here. If I can ever find a way to explain it all, I will eventually, but for now I’ll give the short and sweet bullet-points version

  • We are schooling four different ways, which is enough to make my head spin. The youngest two are spending their days with my friend who also has three little ones and are having an amazing time. The middle two are at our local elementary school a couple of blocks away and are adjusting nicely. Oldest daughter is homeschooling using Palomar K12 and oldest son is cyberschooling and will be going to CAPA, the public arts magnet school, next year. I’m so proud of all of them.

An Apology

Dear Mothers of the World:

In the past, I probably judged you. I might have snarked on you on MDC or done something to make you feel inferior or as if you were doing things wrong.

I would like to apologize from the bottom of my heart. If it makes you feel better, God sent me twins. And they have gone from this

PicMonkey Collage 1

to this

PicMonkey Collage 2

and now they are potty training.

2014… One Little Word

This is my third year participating in one little word or whatever it’s called this year. It started out as someone’s idea that was freely shared, morphed into a for-pay workshop, then this year I saw it’s reincarnation as One Word 365. I don’t know. I’m going to keep calling it my watchword for the year.

Simple Toys for Sweet Babies

6 kids in, I consider myself somewhat experienced in the area of toys and children. We’re currently going through a season of clearing out and simplifying, and I thought I would share with you some of what I consider indispensible toys, especially as we are in the thick of the gift-giving season. Here are a few things I consider to be essentials for sweet little babies.

Teether blanket playsilk 
Daniel with the essential three: a blanky, a playsilk, and a teether/rattle.

Happy Almost-Advent!

TODAY THROUGH MONDAY! Buy the Advent Seasons of Joy e-book and I’ll throw in Winter for free! If you already have Winter and would like another book instead, just let me know in the notes. Please feel free to spread the word!

I’m looking forward to getting back to blogging this Advent.


Seasons of Change

Lately, I’ve been waking up at 4 AM every morning. I think about a lot of things—my children, my life, how I’ll spend the day ahead and how tired I’ll be with this two hour space in the middle of what was supposed to be my sleeping time. I think about song lyrics and staging and opportunities. I wonder what I would be dreaming if my mind were still at rest. I wonder what’s going on in all the other places in the world where people are awake and I wonder what’s going on with other people who are supposed to be sleeping but can’t. I think about lesson plans and story ideas and yes, even blog posts. Most of all, I think about change.

FYI: Thank you, Mrs. Hall

Dear Mrs. Hall,

Yesterday, you wrote a blog post that I found appalling on all kinds of levels. I’m sure people can find it if they search hard enough. And despite the fact that I found your blog post insulting to teenage boys, teenage girls, parents in general and Christian parents in particular, I did want to say thank you, because your post led to an amazing half-hour long discussion with my own children.

First Grade Circle and Main Lesson

Daniel loves Circle Time and still participates in our daily circle with the twins. My fault, I guess, for starting with his beloved gnomies. But I wanted something a little more formal that says “Hey! We’re about to do some serious work here! Put down the Legos and come to the table!” This is what we decided to go with.

Upon the earth I stand upright.
I reach my arms up to the light.
My feel earthbound remain,
Hands and feet together again.
The sky above, the earth below,
And here in the center am I!
(Oak Meadow First Grade)

Inside the book basket…

We are a book-loving family. But even though we have books pretty much everywhere, I do like to fill a special box or basket with books that appropriate to whatever season, holiday, or prevailing theme is taking over our home. Here are some of our early September favorites.

First we have Evelyn M. Finnegan’s My Little Friend books. I bought these for Daniel as a birthday gift a couple years ago and he absolutely loves them. We even had our own “little friend” to go along with them. I hope the twins enjoy them just as much and I know Daniel will love hearing them again.