Welcome to this peaceful spot on the internet, and thank you for your patience as we move together through this time of transition! Pour yourself a cup of tea and let’s get to know one another.

As I write this, it is Easter Sunday. While I woke early, made coffee, hid Easter baskets, made cinnamon rolls for breakfast, and spoke with my eldest child on the phone for over an hour, my health eventually got the better of me and I spent much of the day in bed. I have been coming to terms with many things lately- my health challenges, my work schedule, my dreams and goals, my children’s needs. I feel like there is so much inside of me, so many different people I want to be. Honestly, deep down, I have the same unsettled feeling I had at 18. I thought I would have outgrown it by now. But, here we are.

This summer is– and should be!– a summer of joy. It’s a summer for adventures, for getting used to a “new normal,” for going outside and reconnecting with friends. There’s always a lot of talk about the dreaded summer slide when the traditional school year wraps up, and this year it seems even more dire. I’m hearing lots of talk about kids being behind, this year being a lost year, worry that children won’t be able to catch up. But seriously? Hush all that noise. Quiet those voices. What your kids need this summer is to find their spark again. Let them lay down all those heavy burdens they’ve been carrying for the past 15 months and embrace their joy. This isn’t to say the crisis is 100% over– if the past year and a half has taught us anything, it’s to expect the unexpected– but think about it. Children all over the world have had their lives turned upside down during this worldwide health crisis. There’s no catching up from that. For me, I’m going to shift my focus away from academic subjects and help my kids have as much fun and happiness and laughter and friends as possible in the next three months.

If you are looking for something to fill your downtime when you come inside to cool off, I am offering the following ongoing classes on Outschool. Send me a note, and you can try your first of any of these three classes for free! I will refund 100% of your first class– just let me know when you sign up that you are using the Seasons of Joy discount for circle time, story time, or the online atelier. I’m also happy to answer any questions! You can find all my classes and my teacher profile here.

Oh dear. It’s January 2 and I’m already behind.

I had some rather lofty goals for beginning this year. I wanted to clean and organize the downstairs learning space where the children spend most of their day. (I didn’t.) I wanted to do the same for my teaching space. (I haven’t.) I wanted to rework the daily schedules, rhythms, and routines. (I’m barely started.) I wanted to completely revamp the blog (not done clearly) and have a plan for content every day this month.(I’m trying.) I wanted to be ready for my classes tomorrow (getting there) and have a menu plan (getting there) and place a grocery order (not there yet.) My oldest is leaving to move back to Boston on Monday and I wanted to have some things ready for him. I wanted to choose my watchword for the year and write out some resolutions and create a new planner.

Almost every Broadway musical has what is known as an “I Want” song– that big moment when the main character belts out their deepest heart’s desire. Elphaba wants to be degreenified by the Wizard. Audrey (1) wants to go Somewhere That’s Green. Pippen wants to find his Corner of the Sky and Tevya wonders what life would be like if he was a rich man. If I had an “I Want” song for this week, it would have been all about making a perfect Christmas experience and home for my family.

I wanted to clean the house.

So, where are we at now– Black Friday? Cyber Monday? Small Business Saturday? I have no idea. All I know is that today, my friends, we are having a sale, and it will go on until… well, until I remember to make the Paypal buttons inactive, I supposed, but at least until Tuesday, I am offering several sales today. I may be adding more as the weekend goes on. Before I post them, however, I want to share two things.

Well, I certainly took a little dip from the blog there, didn’t I? I do have about 6 posts loaded up in drafts and ready to go but, truth be told, life has been just so… daily… lately that it’s been hard to see beyond the next class I need to teach, the next plan I need to write, the next parenting fire I need to put out, the next meal I need to cook, the next child’s appointment or conference or therapy. And on top of that, always, always is the epilepsy. The election has been looming a bit as well.