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Spotlight on... Daniel!


Baby DanielI’ve recently been going through old posts on the blog, and I’ve realized that Daniel is my very first baby who was born while I was blogging here on Seasons of Joy! From his homebirth, fussy baby days to this happy, cheerful little guy, his infant and toddler days have been well documented here. But now it’s time for a bit of an update.

Daniel isn’t so little anymore. He’s a third grader and is just about ready to turn nine. NINE! I can’t believe it! He’s a lovely little guy and filled with a lot of joy, although he does have a bit of a Pokemon obsession. He also has a penchant for all things Japanese, which I find interesting. PokeDan


Daniel is just a little toddler guy, but little toddler guys need to keep busy too! He also wants to be just like his big brothers and sister, and so for him we created Wonder Baskets!

Three baskets a day, and he can explore or not as the spirit moves him.


Danny Boy and a kidsling
A Peek-a-Boo Box with things to discover

A dustpan and brush for cleaning up messes


Farm animals, a farmer, and a tractor

A piece of paper and a bag of crayon rocks. The picture was drawn by big brother.

Hard to believe you’ve grown from this

to this!
Daniel, wearing an outfit Katie Grace picked out for him and sneakers Nicholas chose for him, and playing with the baseball bat Michael bought him.

Opening a gift from Mimi and PeePaw

He loved his car track.

And of course, cake!